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3 indoor sessions, 3 different types of equipment

With more training indoors at the moment. I thought I would put together 3 indoor training sessions on 3 different pieces of equipment. The first session is on rollers, rollers are a full body work out as you need to balance, use your core and concentrate. Rollers are also good for pedalling efficiency. Session number two Is one of my favourite watt bike sessions from the app. You can also do this session on the rollers or turbo with a power meter. The session is designed to improve your sprinting ability under fatigue. Finally session number 3 is on the turbo this session is more on effort level, longer reps and as the time descends the intensity increases. I hope you enjoy these sessions, let me know how you get on. Number 1: Roller

Warm up : 10min easy spin Main Set: · 5mins Aerobic (7 out of 10 effort), 2mins easy · 4x (30s sprint, 1min recovery ) · 2mins Easy · 5mins Aerobic, 2mins easy · 4x (30s sprint, 1min recovery ) · 2mins recovery · 5mins aerobic to push to finish Cool Down: 10mins easy This session works on cadence efficiency at high speed and power. Season number 2 – Watt Bike Session. SPRINT BUILD SESSION Warm up: 10min build into 2mins easy Main Set: 4 x (2mins 75% FTP, 2mins 100% FTP, 2mins 115%FTP, 6mins recovery) Cool down: 10mins easy Session Number 3- Turbo long descending efforts Warm up: 10mins Ramp warm up, 2mins recovery Main set: · 2x15mins 6 out 10, 5mins recovery · 2X10mins 8 out 10, 5mins recovery · 2x5mins 9 out 10, 5mins recovery Cool down: 10mins easy If you are looking for a triathlon coach and some motivation please get in contact with me at :

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