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Xterra Uk 2023

On the 12th of May 2023 I decided to race Xterra UK on the 13th May 2023....

I was going to watch my boyfriend race and thought I couldn't miss out on all the fun of racing an off-road triathlon. It has been around 4 years since my last off-road triathlon and in that time had sold my cross-country hard tail. Luckily I am currently loaning a Liv Cycling Intrigue 29er with 140mm front-end travel. A perfect bike for trails and going downhill. A little too hardcore for a XC course at Western Park. Overall I entered the day before and it was a hard-core training day.

I really enjoyed the event. Making sure I had a hard swim, then enjoying the bike and run was the aim of the event. I completed the race doing just that, having fun and no injuries. I perfect start to a block of training block into Challenge Salou.

I finished the race 4th Professional :)

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