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Challenge London

Unfortunately at the weekend, I pulled out of Challenge London in the swim. The two weeks before the race really didnt go to plan. Mentally I wanted to race but when it came down to racing my mind just didn’t have it. I want to give 100% at all races and Challenge london just wasn't a day to do so.

The week before London I was ill and in bed for 3 days. Then the Tuesday of race week, I twisted my ankle running. I made a call on Friday to race, due to the venue being in London and so local.

Race day came and I tried to stay positive, I started well in the swim but felt I made the wrong call racing. I couldn't switch my mind to a positive outlook so after one lap of the swim I pulled out.

I am now having a mid-season break this week and then will build back up. The final two races of the season will be: September 24th Challenge Sanremo Italy

October 21st Challenge Vieux Boucau France

This season has been full of highs so far achieving all my goals for the year. From podiuming at Challange Gran Canaria to reaching the top 100 in the world. I'm looking forward to the next two races and seeing what the body can achieve after a small break and 6 weeks of consistency.

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